This has become possibly the most important thing in any home, especially a smart home. We all want a quick, reliable and robust network that reaches all corners of our home and garden.
Our homes are full of technology that relies on being and staying connected. We use our network all day with-out even thinking about it, sending emails, streaming music, possibly even our smart cooker when making the evening meal.
The sign of a good smart home and one in which excel at is that you don’t have to worry or think about your network, it just works. It is just there in the back ground silently working away letting you enjoy your favourite song, without the worry that the all the other people using the network to cook, kill zombies or watch their favourite boxset is going to cause you an issue. We can also remotely monitor your network to ensure it runs at its optimum, meaning if there is a problem we can usually fix it before you have noticed.

We as parents ourselves also understand the added worries that come with having such easily accessible information at our family’s finger tips and we can help ease those worries. We can put in place systems that will help you restrict which websites are accessible, monitor what is being viewed and even turn off the network connection to individual devises at certain times of the day.
Are you worried that the network available in your home is not coping with your needs, we can offer advise and systems that will help change that. Please get in contact using the link below and let us know how we can help you.