Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is important in any business, it gives you the ability to create the perfect atmosphere, be that creating a romantic dining experience in your restaurant or creating a productive work environment for your team in the office.
Our intelligent lighting systems give you the total control over all the lighting aspects in your buildings. You can control different zones from a tablet or even your phone ensuring that whilst one zone may need soft, relaxed lighting to ensure your spa clients become surrendered to their treatments, the gym lighting is conductive to an excellent work out routine.

Our bespoke systems can be tailored to the specific needs of you and your business, we can make sure the effects they create are in keeping with your companies brand and of course with-in any budget set. We can programme scenes to ensure regular changes that need to be made can be activated at the touch of a button or they can be placed on timers to activate at specific times, this gives you total control regardless of whether you are even on site as it can all be activated through an app on your phone.
Our bespoke lighting systems can be programmed to work seamlessly with any other systems that have been installed using our integrated control systems, giving you total control over all aspects of your business.