Integrated Control Systems

As a company we have grown with the ever-expanding capabilities of home and business technology that has exploded onto the scene over the last 20 years. Whilst this technology is a saving grace in many respects, helping us to solve many day-to-day issues and get the best from our home and business it does have the capability to become confusing and time consuming. This is caused by so many different systems and applications having to run simultaneously, however we have a solution for that which ensures the running of your systems is simple and elegant. We have developed a close working relationship with Control 4, becoming one of their integrated system management professionals. We have developed this strong relationship as from all the technology we have come across that promises to do this job, Control 4 is simply the best. It provides exactly what is needed for the smooth, simple operating of your home and business, whilst constantly working to provide upgrades that provide even more capacities that you hadn’t dreamt up yet.
The systems that can be controlled are –
-Audio visual
-Intelligent lighting
-Smart Heating
-Home theatre
-Intercom anywhere
-Voice control and many more.

Control 4 IOS system allows all your systems to be controlled from one simple to use device. Giving you complete power of your home or business at just the touch of a button.
The interfaces available are-

Mobile Device-
A simple app gives you total control over all your systems, lighting, heating and more. This means you can make changes such as locking doors, turning on the lights and so much more from whenever you are. Even if that happens to a beach in the sun on the other side of the world.

Control 4 touchscreen.
These elegant touchscreens come in a variety of styles to suit your style and are beautifully easy to use. They can be freestanding for easy movability or wall mounted to ensure they stay where they should.

Handheld remote.
Enabling you to easily control all your systems from one handheld device. Turn over the television, dim the lights and pull down the blinds all from the comfort of your couch with just your handheld remote.

All the above can have their home screens personalised to suit you and the needs of your family or business. They can be designed to be unique to you and your preferences, with your most used systems or rooms displayed most prominently, for total control in even fewer taps. They can be further personalised with the choice of wallpaper from your images or chosen from the beautiful images chosen by interior designers that are already available, ensuring there is something to suit every home or business.

Here are just some of things that the Control 4 integrated system can do.
Entertainment experience.
The active media shows exactly what is playing, where in your home or business allowing you to make changes at the touch of a button. Simple sliders allow you to adjust the volume, a touch of a button allows you to skip a song or change the channel. This can be done for one room, multiple rooms at once or even the whole building if you choose.
Scenes can be set to timers so that you don’t even need to push a button, at a certain time of your choosing, the blinds will rise bathing the room in natural light to help you wake naturally, your favourite song to start your day will start to play and the smell of coffee can drift from your smart coffee maker to really help you wake.
At a glance views of your entire home or business.
-Instantly view all of your systems on one screen, check to see if you have left the lights on, forgotten to close the garage door, if your staff member remembered to lock the door behind them when they left, take immediate control and fix any problems with just the touch of a button from wherever you are.
– Push notifications can be activated for specific activates you need to be aware off, such as children arriving home from school safely, workers closing down the bar.
Intercom anywhere and home security
Safety is paramount in our homes and our businesses at all times. Chime door bells allow you to instantly see who is approaching the front of your home or business. It also allows you to communicate with them directly. The yale locking system ensures that you never have to worry about leaving the house unlocked again, a simple check on your app will stop any worries and if you have, then a simple push of the button will lock it nice and safely again.
These systems also ensure you never miss a delivery again. You can unlock the door for the delivery man with that all important package, ask them to place it in the hall, thank him and lock up tightly behind him all from the comfort of your office.