Smart Heating

There is nothing more uninviting than coming home to a cold dark home on a winter’s day. Well with our interlinked systems this is a problem of the past. Now you can come home to a bright warm inviting home, where the underfloor heating is already running to take the chill away from those toes.

With smart heating you are always in total control and at the touch of a button you can change the temperature of your home from wherever you are.a beach in the maldives, the office or even just the couch because you don’t want have to put your favourite book down to go and adjust the thermostat again because the kids would rather place the house in tropical weather conditions than put an extra layer on.
You also can control individual rooms and areas meaning areas of the home that aren’t being used can be temperature controlled at a different setting to areas you need snug and warm. Bathrooms are especially tricky to get right as they tend to be smaller rooms that you don’t use as often, however there is nothing worse that a cold bathroom, with smart heating you can make sure it stays at just the right temperature all the time regardless of what the rest of the home’s temperature setting is. This also means you can make sure that towel rail is heating your towel to exactly the temperature you like at exactly the time you need it to keep you warm and relaxed after a bath.

Benefits of smart heating include
– Setting timers to ensure your home is always at the perfect temperature for you.
– It can be adjusted from anywhere, the beach in the maldives, the office or even just the couch.
– It can learn the schedules of your home, for example the normal time that people come from work, when you are gone for long periods of time, ensuring the heating is perfect for these times even if you forget.
– Total control also means that no energy is wasted, no more leaving the house and forgetting to turn the heating down so you house plants get the benefit of your heat all day. This is of course not only so much better for the environment but also is a great way to help control unnecessary spending.