Home Cinema

Completely immersive audio and visual systems that bring the cinema to you, means that cinema rooms have become every bodies new must have rooms.
Perfect for cosy nights in with the family or entertaining friends with the newest releases.

Our years of experience in creating exquisite cinema room experiences for our clients ensure you get all the expert knowledge needed to create the perfect room for you.
Using the latest and best technology we will design and install the perfect room to suit you and your budget.
Our creative and initiative design process ensures all equipment is placed in the optimum space, along with discreet lighting, plush seating and sound proofing to create a true cinematic experience.

With our smooth integrated systems all that is left is for you to pick your favourite seat, grab the remote and at the touch of a button you can dim the lights, set the temperature, close the blinds and pick your favourite film. The only thing you need to remember is the popcorn.
Unsure if the size of your space available is suitable, we have created home cinemas in large open plan barns and small converted garages. There is also the option of enjoying the experience with out the need for extra space by transforming a much loved family room into a media room. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.