Restaurants and Bars

Do you have a vision for the atmosphere and AV capabilities of your restaurant or bar but you are not sure how to make it a reality, then let us help you. Atmosphere is so important in the hospitality trade, it is what draws people to you, makes them want to stay and keeps them coming back. Our amazing bespoke systems give you complete control over lighting, visuals and audio, helping you create and adjust the atmosphere at the touch of a button. We have many years of experience working in the hospitality trade and in that time we have fitted an amazing number of bespoke systems, all of them unique to suit the needs and imagination of the individual businesses.


In a highly competitive industry our bespoke systems can really set you apart from the competition and encourage your customers to keep choosing to return to you. We offer a wide range of solutions that can not only help you to create a wow factor but can also help you run far more efficiently and smoothly.


Our years of experience in this sector mean that the expert designs and advice you receive from us really can not be matched. Our experience and passion ensure that our customers are always more than just happy with the systems we install, this is proved by the number of companies we have worked with who have continued to use our expertise as their brands have grown from that very first restaurant or bar into national chains.