Audio Systems

We can provide a wide range of professional audio systems to suit your budget, from small simple sound system installations that provide background music to top of the range systems that can provide spectacular top-quality audio.
We work with a list of trusted suppliers to ensure the quality of all the equipment we install is up to our high standards.
We can provide.
– Amplifiers and mixing equipment.
– Background and foreground speakers.
– Outdoor sound systems.
– Multi zone audio solutions.
We work with you to ensure that you get the possible system to suit your needs whilst fitting the energy of your business and creating an atmosphere that is perfect for your clients. Our designs always ensure that the sound is distributed perfectly through-out your venue so that no matter where you client is the sound is consistent. We also ensure the systems are easy to use and control so they can be taught to staff and any changes to volume etc.. can be done quickly and smoothly.

With our years of experience in the commercial sector, our expert knowledge and innovative ideas are exactly what you need when deciding on the system that best suits the needs of your business.
Our systems can also be integrated to work seamlessly together with any other systems you have installed such as visual systems and intelligent lighting systems. For more information, please click here to see our control systems page.
Using our automated systems can ensure that you have constant control over your sound system regardless of if you are on the premise or not. This ensure your customers are always provided with the best possible atmosphere.