Smart Homes

Smart Homes – Welcome to Audiolux. A place where we pride ourselves on the ability to bring your home to life. Using luxury home automation, we can enhance the way you live.  We help you get the best out of every moment you spend in your home. The problem of coming home to a cold, dark home is no more.

With Audilux Smart Home Options, you will always have your home welcome you in with the lights on, the heating ready to warm you.  You can even set specific rooms to your presences so that your favourite music is already playing to help you relax.

We have over 12 years as a business and over 50 years collective experience in the smart homes and Audio Visual Industry.  Additonally we have mastered the ability to see life through our customers eyes. This helps enable us to create bespoke imaginative systems that basically cater to your every need. 

Smart lighting in your home - Custom Bespoke solutions by Audiolux
Smart Homes - view Audio Visual options by Audiolux

Smart Homes Luxury Technology

The luxury technology that we use enables us to create an integrated smart home system that will turn your house into the home of your dreams. Using a range of systems that integrate seamlessly we offer

Smart Homes – Intergrated Bespoke systems

These integrated bespoke systems allow us to focus on not only easing you daily life but optimising your physical and mental wellbeing.  From helping you wake naturally in the morning to creating specific areas designed for your fitness and relaxation. Gym areas with perfect lighting and sound to really help you hit your stride.  Pool areas where you soak the days stress away in an environment that is perfectly attuned to you.  Whenever you want to install smart solutions for your home, Choose Audiolux

Smart Homes – Working with Control 4

Working closely with Control 4 as one of their accredited dealers allows us to ensure that any equipment we install are of the best quality and most sophisticated on the market.

In a time when technology is moving ahead at a lighting pace, we ensure that all our team members are kept up to date with training and new releases ensuring your homes needs will not be catered for better by anybody else.

As well as providing bespoke options for Smart Homes, Audiolux have provided thousands of audio visual solutions to homes across not just the Wirral but all the North West and the UK Click here to view our past work