Home Security

Here at Audiolux we understand the importance of creating a secure and protected home, to ensure the safety and piece of mind of you and your family. Your home and family are beautiful and deserve to be protected.
We also understand that whilst security needs to be observed as a deterrent it also needs to suit the aesthetics of your home and merge with your design. We offer a range of solutions that can be used individually or together to fortify your home.
-Automated gates
-Intruder Alarms
-Motion Detectors
Every system we install is unique to the homeowners, to really suit the needs and priorities of the individual families.

Our security systems can of course be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your smart home to ensure it is easy and practical for everybody to use, giving you total control of the system. This also means you are able to control your home security from wherever you are. No more worrying that the kids have come home from school heading straight for the fridge forgetting to lock the door behind them, you can easily check and do it for them from the comfort of your office.

Here are just some of the ways our systems can not only protect your home but ease you worries and make life easier.

– Take total control of your home with smart lock technology.
– Lock every door and set every alarm at the touch of a button, no more night wandering to check those locks.
– Get notifications that the kids have arrived safely home.
– View your camera feeds no matter where you are, even sipping a cocktail next to the pool in sunny climates.
– Get notified that alarm had been triggered, even if you are not home.
– Trigger an alarm lighting scene when an alarm is triggered to bathe anything moving in light.
– Assign temporary lock user codes for deliveries or service engineers. Meaning you never miss those calls again