Audiolux has many years of experience working in the hospitality trade, from solving lighting and audio issues in problematic areas to fitting fully integrated systems in luxury hotels. We turn our experience and passion into carefully designed systems that make your hotel not only stand apart from the rest but also ensures that your business is cost effective and runs seamlessly. We understand that first impressions are critical in the hospitality trade and we will work closely with you on every aspect of the design to ensure that any systems installed is tailored to the need of your business and fits seamlessly with your aesthetics.


We use intelligent lighting systems that give you total control, enabling you to set the mood in multiple locations with the touch of a button. These can also be installed into hotel rooms enabling clients to get the best from their stay and ensuring lights are not left on when they are not needed.


Audio visual systems

We understand that hotels have many different areas that need to be catered for differently. You may want to show sports in the bar area with superb visual placements and sound, create a relaxing classical vibe in the restaurant, you may have one particular room that holds many hats for example, conferences, wedding ceremonies, the wedding celebrations afterwards. We can help make this room perfect for all these needs. We can install hidden speakers, hidden projectors and a sound system that is capable of quickly changing to suit your needs at the touch of a button.

Leisure areas

We can help you to create the perfect leisure areas for your clients so that they get the very best experience from your spa, pool and gym areas. Our systems are integrated to give you total control, meaning you can set scenes for different areas that can be activated with the simple touch of a button. As a client enters a treatment room a scene can be set so that the lights dim, soothing music comes softly from the speakers and you can also ensure the temperature is set to perfection.