Multi Room Audio Visual Distribution

Your home is your castle and that of your families, the systems you have installed need to be a pleasure to use for all those different personalities. Our audio visual systems give you total flexibility in all areas of your home from watching your latest TV show in the family room, cuddling up in bed with your favourite movie, relaxing with classical music whilst you cook or singing your heart out to the classics in the shower.

We understand the needs of your home changes depending on the time of day, time of year and even room by room. Whilst some might need silence whilst they curl up with a good with a good book, another room might need to be a hot spot of teenage interaction.
Our systems give you the ultimate flexibility for controlling your audio visual needs through-out your home. This Enables different viewing areas or soundtracks of your life in different rooms. No more forced re-runs of this week’s hottest cartoon, meaning you can catch up on the latest boxset in peace. Don’t share your partners taste in music, no problem choose a room and indulge in your favourite artist.
Are you throwing a garden party and want the whole house to seamlessly flow with music, add in extra zones throughout your home at the touch of a button, including specialist garden speakers.

We understand how important the aesthetics of your home are and we ensure that the technology needed does not encroach on your home, speakers that can be colour matched to your room or hidden from sight completely, control panels that are matched to your scheme, televisions that can be hidden and a central rack system that ensures your rooms are not left cluttered with technology but that can still be accessed and controlled from any room in the home with a simple remote, tablet or your phone.