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Commercial Systems

Here at Audiolux we have over 50 years of collective experience on the installation and setup of commercial audio-visual projects. These years of experience allow us to install integrated systems that work to the best advantages of you and your business all whilst knowing you are in expert hands. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the project complies to your budget and also stays in keeping with your aesthetics and the brand you are building for your business. We enjoy many long-standing relationships with our clients some spanning over all the years we have been operating as a company. We have worked in all aspects of the commercial sectors including.

The luxury technology that we use enables us to create an integrated smart home system that will turn your house into the home of your dreams. Using a range of systems that integrate seamlessly we offer

We offer a wide range of solutions for you and your business

Installation Process

Planning and design

We work closely with you to find exactly which system will help you build the business you envision, what your priorities are and what magic you would like to incorporate. Ours years of experience gives us a unique insight into understanding our clients and being able to see their vision through their eyes, it also ensures you will be getting the best and most up to date advise. We will create detailed plans so that we can work closely with your electrician to make the process hassle free for you. We will also supply health and safety documents including detailed risk assessments for any work that needs to be carried out. We will work with-in your budget and you can be secure in the knowledge we will provide the best system possible for you.


This is the invisible back bone of any system that is installed. A strong infrastructure ensures that your system will work seamlessly. As you know a lot of the equipment used in the current age has wireless capabilities, however everything works faster and is more reliable when connected to hardwired items. This is why infrastructure is so important, a strong, stable internet connection that can cope with large demands is imperative in today’s world where your clients expect instant easy internet connections and the smooth operating of this equipment is vital in keeping your business running smoothly. We ensure all cables needed are installed safely and are of a high quality to cope with any demands put on them.


The next stage is to install the equipment that will make your business dreams a reality. All our staff our trained to the highest standards and in the most recent technology ensuring you are in expert hands and the equipment installed is the very best fit for your company’s needs. You will have a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire project from start to finish. All equipment we install is purchased from trusted sources that provide a warranty.


This is where the real magic happens, our integrated systems can be programmed to work seamlessly together to ensure every need of your business is met. We can create scenes that are stored into the system so that with just the of a button you can wake your business up, lighting comes on, music starts to play and the latest sports commentary plays on the televisions. We can also pre programme our scenes to be activated at certain times, the lights in your restaurant to dim, music to soften and romantic atmosphere created ready to greet your night time customers with-out you having to worry about a thing. Security can be handled through the app on your phone so you are never worried about your business being unattended. You can lock all doors remotely, have a security scene set meaning that that lights will come on instantly and an alarm sounded for any movement on your property and so much more. Click here to learn more about our integrated control systems.

Carden Park Hotel

The hotel have recently refurbished 4 luxury suites where Audiolux designed and installed a C-Bus automation system to control the lighting and heating in the rooms where guests can press a welcome scene that sets the lights to greet them and also an all off button on their way out which ensures that everything is turned off and the hotel save energy.

Sea Shanty

Audiolux were excited to be involved in this fantastic sea side restaurant in Trearddur Bay where we fitted a complete C-Bus lighting control system for the restaurant and ice cream parlour. Staff can change the lighting scenes with a fully labelled eDLT switch that has buttons for morning, afternoon and evening.

The Wro

Lighting and Audio installation system enabling complete control over lighting, sound, visual and resturant atmosphere.



Lighting and Audio installation system enabling complete control over lighting, sound, visual and resturant atmosphere.