Creating an inviting and interesting store is critical in the highly competitive retail sector. Unfortunately having good products and customer service just is not enough in the current climate, customers have high expectations that they expect to be met. Customers need a reason to choose your retail outlet and while customer service is still king, ambiance and atmosphere play a key role. Actually drawing customers through the door and keeping the browsing to see your amazing products and experience your award winning customer service is part of the battle. Our integrated systems are perfect for helping to create the perfect atmosphere to draw your customers in.


– Intelligent lighting – Getting the right lighting is so important you need to look warm, inviting and interesting. The ability to be able to make changes when needed depending on the time of day, season or to set different ambiances easily and smoothly is also crucial. Lighting can also be used to draw customers eyes to specific displays or products to really make them stand out.
– Audio systems – used correctly these can add a whole other dimension to customers shopping experience. Music and sound are very evocative of our emotions and so can be used to create the perfect experience for your customer. Audio can help you dictate the entire vibe of your store be it that you need to create a relaxing atmosphere so they can imagine pampering themselves with your luxury body care items or you are aiming your chic new clothing range at the party goers and need them to imagine themselves dancing to the latest music in your beautifully designed dress. They can also be used as a great marketing technique to update customers on upcoming offers etc..
– Visual systems/ digital signage – Placed correctly visual systems can be great marketing aids, we live in a society that will be more engaged in a picture or video then in written words. Televisions placed in strategic positions over a display can be used to show the products in use and reiterate the amazing benefits that they have. Digital signage can be used to advertise the greatest deals of the day, images of your products being worn and so much more. These systems can all be integrated into a simple and easy to use control panel, on the wall, on your phone or tablet. To give you easy and total control even if you are not actually there.


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