Intelligent Lighting Design and Control

At Audiolux limited we are aware one of the most important aspects in any home is light. Natural light is good for our body and soul, this is why most homes are designed to let in as much natural light as possible. However, once the sun disappears it is time for you to decide how to light your home, from a warm glow to help you rise naturally in the morning, to optimized office lighting to get the best from your time spent working.

Our intelligent lighting systems give the choice to create the perfect atmosphere for however you choose to spend your evening at the touch of button. We can create scenes that are stored to allow the lights to dim to your preferred setting for ultimate relaxation or the perfect hosting lighting to get that dinner party vibe going. This also ensures you never have to arrive home to a cold dark house again or worry your house looks unoccupied while you are away.
With our expert integrated systems, we can harmonise your lights to work seamlessly with other aspects of smart home technology. Imagine sitting down to a romantic meal with the blinds coming down, soft music playing and lights dimmed all at the touch of a button.

Automated Blinds and Curtains

Whilst thinking about the lighting in your home automated blinds and curtains may very well be in your thoughts. These can be used in line with your automated lighting to help create the perfect atmosphere for waking or settling in at night.
The benefits of automated blinds include-

-Natural light is an important indicator to our bodies that it is time to wake-up, automated blinds and curtains can be set to open at the best time for you to help you wake naturally and face the day ahead.
-They are a great time saving resource in large luxury homes which are usually built over split levels. No more going room to room at night closing every one, followed by the same morning ritual. The blinds can be set on timers to open or close at the time you prefer or you can choose to do individual rooms or even the whole home all at once with just the touch of a button.
-They can be fitted to all window designs.
– Being automated means that there are no blind cords attached making them safer than standard blinds for your children or grandchildren.
-They can add to the security of your home by being timed to automatically open and close and certain times making it appear there is someone home even whilst your are enjoying a much deserved holiday.