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Complete Smart Home Solutions

It’s complexity made simple. Enhance your lifestyle by combining today’s modern technologies with the benefits of Control 4. Control is at your fingertips. Through touchscreens or intelligent wall switches – or via smart devices for control remotely.

Control 4 can control more than just lighting – air conditioning, Multi-Room Audio, windows and blinds, your home theatre, security system, irrigation, keyless entry – and more!


Smart Lighting

We offer the state of the art Control 4 lighting and room control, integrating your devices into one flexible system allowing you to create a unique living environment based around your personality. Express yourself throughout your home by giving each room a more personal touch.


Lighting. Entertainment. Security…

Switch on the air conditioning and lights and draw the curtains before you get home, protect your family with a world-class security system or entertain your guests with the perfect mood lighting and integrated audio-visual system all at the touch of a button.


Entertainment & All In One Controls

Whether you are throwing a dinner party for your friends or enjoying a quiet night in with your loved ones, Control 4 can make it happen by integrating all your devices into one single controller, allowing you to relax and enjoy your home.


World Class Security

Provide peace of mind and protection for your loved ones when you’re in the home and also whilst you’re away. Make sure that everyone and everything you treasure is safe with Control 4 security features.


Switches In All Different Shapes & Sizes

The enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) switch builds on the success of the DLT switch, by enhancing it to a whole new level. With enhanced colour, control and functionality the eDLT offers a huge range of installer and user benefits that enable the eDLT to display information that would usually require a touch screen.

eDLT switches come in 5 different styles and the LED displays and buttons can be programmed to any combination of 8 different colours.


For rooms that don’t require an all singing and dancing eDLT switch the Saturn range of 2, 4 and 6 button switches can be used. These switches can be programmed to control lights and scenes just like an eDLT but are more suitable for smaller rooms that don’t have as many circuits and functions.


The subtle, understated design of Zen3 Switches complement any modern or architectural interior to create a beautiful balance throughout your home, with the added convenience of Home Automation. Saturn Zen Switches are available in black or white and feature finger-print resistant matte finishes, LED indicators and a choice of flat or concave buttons. Saturn Zen combines beauty and simplicity with technology and convenience to create a home automation system like no other.



The DIN Rail Series Dimmers are output units suitable for dimming incandescent & low voltage lighting. Dimmer units come in different current ratings of 1amp, 2amp and 5amp which must match the output loads of the relevant circuits and each output should be individually protected with its own MCB.

At Audiolux we design and specify the correct dimmers for the application and build them into our custom made panels before they are installed on site.



The DIN Rail Series Relays are output units that have volt free contacts that are rated at up to 10amps. Relay units come in 4 channel, 8 channel and 12 channel modules that can be wired to switch lighting circuits, blinds, low voltage devices and automate other systems.

At Audiolux we design and specify the correct relays for the application and build them into our custom made panels before they are installed on site.

4 Relays

Analogue Outputs

The Analogue Output Units are DIN rail mount units designed to control 0 – 10V and 1 – 10V compatible dimmable electronic ballasts used in the lighting industry. These units work really well with specialist LED drivers to offer a smooth dimming control where 0 – 10 volts represents 0-100%



The DMX gateway is a one way device which is DIN rail mounted that maps group addresses and levels to a DMX 512 A interface. DMX is used to control colour change LED lamps and strip lights that come in RGB, RGBW and now RGBWW to give out all colours and shades of white.



The system can also receive digital inputs from other systems to enable lights. This can be a very effective security feature by bringing on lights when an intruder alarm is activated or when a gate is opened.



All of the units are din rail mounted and need to be housed in an enclosure and internally wired before outgoing lighting circuits can be connected and controlled. This can be done on site by the electricians but can prove to be complicated and time consuming.

At Audiolux we design and build panels that have all the internal wiring and outgoing MCB’s fitted. This allows the electricians on site to concentrate on wiring and connecting the lighting circuits straight into numbered terminals which makes their lives a lot easier and allows the job to run much more smoothly.


Wiser Home Controller

Wiser Home Control is a simple, user-friendly solution that brings your electrical, multi-media and telecommunication worlds together.

Monitor Your Home

You can monitor your home through connected security cameras and receive email alerts if anything goes wrong.

Schedule Your Home To Your Life

Your Wiser home controller is able to implement many different types of schedules to control any device on your home automation system.

Connect To Your Home

Whether you’re at home or away, Wiser gives you 24/7 connectivity to your home.

Make Changes On All Devices

You can view your system status and make adjustments, simply by using a smartphone, tablet, computer or your TV